Tarot Readings

Empress_RW_827x1380I love Tarot! I am naturally drawn to the connection between images and the Divine, and the story that unfolds.

Over the past twenty years, I have been honoured to provide hundreds of professional Tarot readings. Life is all about the choices we make. My readings provide clarity and insight to assist you in making decisions which allow you to live in your highest potential.

How My Readings Work

Your reading is done in the sacred space of my studio, in solitude with my guides. I record the reading and send you the link to the audio. This allows you to arrange your own sacred space, solitude, and time to listen to the reading. With your reading you also receive a .pdf of the cards for you to follow along with.

Once I receive your reading selection, I will notify you via email as to when you can expect your reading. IMPORTANT: I will use the same email you made your payment with.  If you have not heard back from me within 48 hours, please do CONTACT ME, just in case emails have gotten lost in Junk folders.


Reading fees are in Canadian dollars and payment is made through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you do have the option to directly input your credit card information. This option generally appears at the bottom of the Payment screen.

Reading Options

Annual Tarot Reading Plus Oracle Focus Card

Personal and spiritual development is a journey. This reading is a road map for the next twelve months. This provides both a bird’s eye view of the next year plus specific advice for each month. I draw a Tarot card for each month, providing advice from my guides on what to expect, where to focus your energy, and actions to take. I also draw an Oracle card providing you with your overarching focus for the year.


Positive Outcomes Tarot Reading Plus Oracle Focus Card

When we are right in the thick of a challenge, it is hard to see clearly and examine all the options. This Tarot reading examines your situation from multiple angles. You gain clarity and clear your energy allowing you to make decisions in your highest good. I also draw an Oracle card providing you with the overarching wisdom to be gained from the situation.


Business Planning Tarot Reading Plus Oracle Focus Card

Being an entrepreneur can be tiring when we try to do all the thinking and planning alone. Fortunately, Tarot isn’t just for personal guidance! This reading provides insight on how to bring fulfillment to you, authentic value to your customers, and the areas to focus on over the next year. I also draw an Oracle card which provides you overarching business focus for the next 12 months.


21369541_1841317435895895_3592697174260064705_nMy readings are both intuitive and channeled. I draw on the wisdom and knowledge I have gained through a lifetime of study, training and experience plus advice received directly from my guides. The Tarot cards are a visual jumping off point. I do not censor nor manipulate any of the information I receive, having learned over the years that it is always in the highest good of my clients just as it is. My operating principle at all times is to Lead With Love.


~ Eliza