Keto: Sexy Healthy Us

This post follows on from Healthful Pursuit.



Next step on Hubby’s and my wellness journey was setting up a Facebook group. Hubby’s idea actually. He is very visual needing to see his goals and progress.

I have come to understand the tremendous power words have. Naming my financial tracking spreadsheet Abundance Tracking completely changed my mindset about money. I could have named our group Our Diet, Going Keto, or Weight Loss Journey. I chose


Not Getting Sexy Healthy, or Sexy Healthy Us Journey. That denotes a state ‘out there somewhere’. We are sexy and healthy and each day on Keto we become more so.

~ Eliza

Keto: Healthful Pursuit

This post follows on from Going Keto.


I didn’t want to figure out Keto on our own. To commit, I need to understand the science.


Research lead me to Leanne Vogel’s Healthful Pursuit. Several things appealed to me:

  • Leanne is Canadian. This is not a patriotism thing. The foods available in the States are not necessarily available here.
  • No tracking food. If we have to track, we will quit.
  • She is dairy free, which is almost impossible to find in the Keto world.
  • All her advice/research/recipes are in a single book. One stop information.

I bought said book, The Keto Diet, and we are good to go!

~ Eliza

Going Keto

This post follows on from All Hell Broke Loose.



Just before Christmas, Hubby announced that he needed to take charge of his health. Part of this came from his entire wardrobe being too small. It also came from him stepping on the scales and completely freaking out at the number that glowed up at him.

Several of our family, friends and acquaintances were on the Keto Diet and experiencing fantastic health benefits; weight loss being one of them. Hubby did some research and asked me if I would like to eat this way.

Well ya! This is exactly how I should be eating!

We are now eating per Keto.

~ Eliza