Sketchbook Project 2018

I had the great creative thrill of participating in the Brooklyn Art Library’s 2018 Sketchbook Project.

I was first introduced to unusually illustrated faeries through Brian Froud’s Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book. Now these were faeries that made sense to me. Cutesy Tinkerbell types just never did it for me. Wild, willful and not necessarily attractive was far more my style.

Through my exploration with Zentangle Inspired Art, my own Unusual Faeries revealed themselves to me. When I saw the Sketchbook theme “this is not what it seems” I was immediately put in mind of a mystical creature flip book I spent countless hours playing with as a child. My faeries starting jumping up and down with glee. “Make us into a flip book,” they demanded. I have learned it is wise to never ignore faeries, and Chasing Faeries (aka The Ever Changing Land of Faerie) was born.

Here is the Sketchbook in its entirety. May these faeries bring you as much delight in viewing as they did to me in creating.

~ Eliza