Like having a baby

I love getting parcels in the mail. I consider them to be prezzies, even if the contents were purchased by me. Yesterday’s parcel, hands down, was the best I have received in my life.


“What, Eliza? What was it?” 

A book!

But not just a book. MY book. Written and illustrated by me! ERMAGAWD!


I squealed with glee extracting the book from the package. I grinned like a fool walking back to the house. I sat on the couch and held it lovingly. And then …

… I burst into tears.

It was like having a baby. Okay, not really like having a baby. I had three, and literally speaking this was nothing like having a baby. But roll with me here. The stages of publishing a book have definite similarities.

Stage 1: Contemplation – “Gee, I should write a book someday.”

Stage 2: Other People’s Insistence – “You should totally write a book!”

Stage 3: Resistance – “No way. I am so not ready to write a book.”

Stage 4: Decision – “I am totally going to write a book.”

Stage 5: Realization – “Holy shit! I am writing a book!”

Stage 6: Labour – “Frig, this is a lot of work!”

Stage 7: Delivery – “It’s here! ERMAGAWD it’s here!”

Which leads to me sitting on the couch, book in hand, crying …

Stage 8: Angst – “I did it! Now what on earth do I do with it?”

See? Just like having a baby … without the morning sickness, weight gain, and labour pain.

The crying didn’t last long, and I am back to excited. I can’t wait to share it with you all. This copy is the proof, so first I need to make sure all my i’s are dotted and my t’s are crossed.

Next week I will have further exciting news … because there is more than just the book.


I know! It just keeps getting better.

Stay tuned!

~ Eliza









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  1. I am so excited for you, Liz! This is what I have always envisioned for you! This first edition is just the beginning of your career in writing! You have so much more yet to tell!

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