Treetop Love: Stewart

StorytellerStewartStewart is a reformed gossip. He was never malicious. He was simply a collector of tales. The problem was, they weren’t necessarily his stories to tell.

“I overheard the wild turkey hens and apparently the gobbler thinks he’s all that.”

One day, it dawned on Stewart his flock would stop chirping when he joined them. When asked what was up, their response horrified him.

“We don’t trust you, Stewart, with our stories.”

This floored him. He was the flock bard! The keeper of history! It was his job to tell stories, was it not? “Collective experience stories, Stewie, not personal stories!”

The world absolutely needs storytellers to point out our strengths and weaknesses such that we are inspired to learn and grow. Fortunately, Stewart was able to discern the difference and is now a well-respected bard.

In fact, all Treetop Love stories are told by Stewart. I am merely the scribe.

~ Eliza

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