Treetop Love: Elaine

CreativeElaineThere is a far away look Elaine gets that alerts the flock. They all settle around her and wait for her grand announcement.

“You know, if we find a way to bend that branch over there, we can slide right into the bird bath.”

Elaine is the ideas bird. Not a moment goes by that she isn’t dreaming something up. They aren’t all good ideas like the slide. Constructing a saddle out of the sun hat they found in the yard to ride the cat around on? Not a good idea.

She did, however, figure out a way to create sun parasols from the hosta leaves. Sledding down the roof on birch bark is considered an all time Elaine Idea favourite. Swan diving from the roof into the rain barrel was vetoed.

Elaine definitely needs the flock for a reality check.

“There are no silly ideas!” she extols. “But there are unpractical ideas, and downright dangerous ones,” they counter.

A few tweaks to her thought processes and a new plan is implemented. Apparently, the groundhog doesn’t mind wearing a saddle.

~ Eliza

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