Treetop Love: Joan

MotherlyJoanJoan is the smoother of ruffled feathers, literally and figuratively.

A flock member gets blown across the yard? Joan is the first one to pick the bird up and check for bent wing tips. One flock member thinks another member took more than their fair share of the suet ball? Joan leads a feelings sharing session ending with hugs and high fives.

Don’t ever make the mistake of equating nurturing with mild though. Threaten one of her own, and she turns ferocious. Like the time the falcon flew too close the roost.

Before anyone could stop her, Joan took off like a shot from a canon. Landing on the raptor’s back, clinging for dear life, Joan pecked at his head until he begged for mercy. With one final poke and a stern admonishment to keep to the other side of the forest, she let the poor beast be.

The entire flock is her family, and nobody messes with her peeps.

~ Eliza

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