Treetop Love: Samantha

WiseSamanthaSamantha is ancient. Her joints ache, her feathers have lost their youthful sheen. Her chest is sunken, and her belly protrudes. She never ventures far from her hole in the pine tree and spends most of her time sleeping.

Yet, Samantha is the most respected bird in the flock. She is the Wise One, the Crone, the Oracle.

She has seen and experienced more than the other members of the flock collectively. Little phases her and she doesn’t shock easily, although youngsters try.

All the members of the flock, in fact all the local critters, go to her seeking advice. She listens intently, only interrupting with questions prompting deeper thought.

By the end of the session, the seeker feels lighter and enlightened.

“Thank you so much, Samantha. I know exactly what to do now! Your advice is brilliant!”

The reality is, Samantha never utters a word of advice. At her advanced age, she knows we all carry the answers within ourselves. Her brilliance is drawing it out.

~ Eliza

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