Treetop Love: George

RealisticGeorgeGeorge is a realist. Whatever statement is made, he invariably responds with “Yes, but x or y could happen.”

He’s not ornery, saying “black” just because you say “white”. Nor is he a pessimist. A pessimist expects the worst to happen. George doesn’t anticipate dire outcomes; he merely points out what could go wrong.

Making plans with George goes something like this:

“It’s a perfect time to go frolic in the bird bath.” “Yes, but has anyone seen the cat?”

“The cat went inside. We are good.” “Yes, but cats always want out when in. She could come back outside.”

“Then we will fly away.” “Yes, but if we are all enjoying the water, we might not see her.”

“Okay, we will take turns watching for the cat.”

It sounds exhausting, and sometimes there is collective eye rolling.  However, George has saved their feathers more than once. In fact, he is the sole reason they are all still alive today. The flock was all for enjoying a lightning storm while roosting on the TV antenna.

“Yes, but ….”

~ Eliza

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