Treetop Love: Chirp

InnocentChirpChirp was discovered by the flock under the juniper bush. After searching in vain for his parents, they took him under their collective wings.

His real name is Bartholomew Alexander, which is quite a large handle for such a little fellow! They nicknamed him Chirp, because that is the sound he was making which led to his rescue.

Chirp is at the youngster stage of endless questioning.

“If the early bird catches the worm, why doesn’t the worm wait and come out later?”

“If two geese knock into each other, is that goose bumps?”

“If it’s lovely weather for ducks, why do they look so grumpy right now?”

“Can I go count the chickens before they hatch? Can I? Huh?”

The challenge isn’t so much Chirp’s constant banter; rather, it is coming up with answers. His questions come from a place of innocence, and the older members need to stop and think.

Through Chirp, the flock is constantly reminded to not take life for granted. To wonder at happenings around them. To be curious. To live an aware life.

He might be the youngest flock member, but he is quite possibly the wisest, wouldn’t you say?

~ Eliza

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