Treetop Love: Charmaine

ImpeccableCharmaineCharmaine is an early bird, but in the wee hours of the morning you won’t find her out catching the proverbial worm. As the sun creeps above the horizon, Charmaine starts her grooming routine.

It begins with a splash in the bird bath. Charmaine then moves onto a pedicure, removing dirt from under her nails, then shaping them with a piece of hardwood. Next, each feather is preened and put back smoothly in place. Lastly, she buffs her beak to a shine against a tree branch.

When Charmaine finally joins the rest of the flock, she is absolutely impeccable from head to toe. She is not a vain bird though. She isn’t looking for compliments, or comparing herself to any other well groomed bird. This is Charmaine’s way to honour the temple that is her body.

Nor does it mean she sits on the sideline looking pretty. She participates in all flock events, which includes frolicking in rainstorm puddles. In fact, Charmaine is the first to start the mud flinging contest and often the last bird standing.

~ Eliza

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