Treetop Love: Wilbert

SillyWilbertMeet Silly Wilbert.

Wilbert is the flock clown. Only better, because everyone likes Wilbert; nobody likes clowns.

When everyone is huddled under leaves in a rain storm, Wilbert is puddle stomping. On scorching summer days, he drags his body towards the bird bath squawking “Water, water”.

After the cat walks past, Wilbert presses a wing to his heart, wipes imaginary sweat from his brow with the other, dramatically declaring “We could have died!”

His slapstick routines involve falling into the downspout, and riding the very unimpressed groundhog around the yard. Wilbert’s impersonation of the wild turkey gobbler is hysterical. Made more so given he does it right behind the big bird’s back.

When it counts, Wilbert’s comedic timing is impeccable. He stands perfectly still and silent in times of seriousness. Then, with uncanny sense, he knows the exact moment to slowly cross his eyes.

Everyone chuckles and spirits are refreshed.

~ Eliza

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