Treetop Love: Margaret

SereneMargaretMeet Serene Margaret.

Margaret’s days are spent cloud gazing, perched on one leg bird yoga style.

Time means nothing to Margaret. For a mid-afternoon gathering, the flock tells her it’s at noon. She is still late, but at least she makes it using this system.

Except for that time she missed the fall migration, despite the constant reminders. In the end, the flock had no choice but to leave without her. Margaret spent a very chilly winter huddled in the cedar bush next to the bird feeder. She said it was a spiritually enlightening experience.

Nothing fazes Margaret, which has de-escalated a great deal of drama within the flock. The Great Squirrel Crisis of 2017, for example, turned into peaceful seed negotiations thanks to Margaret.

The flock recognizes the value of Margaret’s chill factor, and they just get her where she needs to be. Except for that one fall migration …

~ Eliza

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