Treetop Love: Meet Marcus

GregariousMarcusMeet Gregarious Marcus.

He is a tsunami of energy. The life of the party. The cool bird who eats all the fermented cherries and swings from the hydro line.

Yes, his friends often wave at him from ‘the other side of the line’, but not based on anything mean he has said or done. Marcus simply doesn’t have a filter. He thinks it, he chirps it. He has an idea, he acts upon it.

A simple “Marcus, Marcus” headshake from a member of the flock reins him in.

To other birds and critters, he can come across as shallow; his flock knows he is anything but. Marcus is fiercely loyal. Don’t be messing with his peeps! He is also the first to offer a comforting hug with tears in his eyes.

He can be a wild one, our Marcus, but we all need a little wild in our lives.

~ Eliza

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