Treetop Love: Max

BashfulMaxMeet Bashful Max.

Max sat on branches away from the flock. The other birds would cajole him:

“Come closer. Don’t be shy! Don’t you like us?”

They thought he was sad, or perhaps unfriendly.

This badgering made Max withdraw further.

Once they started leaving him alone, something wondrous happened. Max contributed to the conversations. Not much, just a chirp or two.

Then Max started perching closer. Still out of the direct huddle of his friends, but close enough to be part of the happenings.

What they realized was Max isn’t a sad or unfriendly bird. Even standing apart from them, he is very much engaged.

He simply likes to start at the edge of the energy allowing it to slowly mingle with his own. Then he’s good.

Max will never be front and centre, but he is definitely happy to be part of the flock.

Never confuse bashful with aloof.

~ Eliza

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