Big Art: Oracle Symbols That Make Sense

This post follows on from Big Art: When It All Comes Together.



When I first decided to create an oracle deck, I started looking up the symbolic meaning of animals, birds and plants. But then the voices of my tribe members came to me, all along the lines of

I wish I could read Tarot and Oracle decks, but it makes no sense to me.

For my oracle deck, I want everybody to pick it up and immediately start reading it. Somebody somewhere at some point in time assigned symbolic meanings to things. But I was curious. Did those meanings make sense to my tribe?

I decided to incorporate symbols that make sense to the people I hang with. So, I put it out there to see what does make sense.

For my first card, I posted the word Acceptance and asked which animals, birds and plants most resonated with people. This is what I got:

Animal: dog; sloth; hen; cat; fox; moose; butterfly; fawn; elephant; ant; cow; grasshopper; tortoise; mudskipper

Bird: raven; crow; dove; cardinal; wren; robin; swan; owl; hummingbird

Plant: wild rose; daisy; dandelion; peony; squash blossom; lily; sunflower

The symbol in each category with the most ‘votes’ made it into my illustration.




Dog & Daisy

I am making this oracle deck for my tribe, so making it with my tribe totally warms the cockles of my heart.

~ Eliza

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