100 Rats: Self Imposed Rules

This post follows on from 100 Rats: What am I thinking?


In typical Me fashion, I did not limit myself to the ‘rules’ of the Design 100 Somethings challenge. All I had to do was pick a subject, and illustrate 100 versions of it. Nooooo, I gave myself more rules.

Rule 1: use a ball point pen, so that I cannot erase anything; keep hand very loose

Rule 2: not looking at the page, scribble lines not lifting my pen; keep hand very loose


Rule 3: once I ‘find’ my rat, draw all his features without lifting the pen from the paper


Rule 4: add shading using pen and graphite; keep hand very loose



Rule 5: close my eyes and pick two coloured pencils which I must use, regardless how strange the colour combination is.


What I am ending up with are rats with very distinct personalities. I love it!

~ Eliza

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