100 Rats: What am I thinking?

This post follows on from 100 Rats: Creativity Challenge.


You would think I need another creativity project like I need a hole in the head. Yet, here I am taking on the Design 100 Somethings challenge and committing to sketch ONE HUNDRED whimsical rats.

What am I thinking?!

This is what Jake Parker has to say about his challenge:

The Design 100 Somethings project is about pushing through your own imagination barriers. It is not about speed, but about creative mileage. You want to cover a lot of design ground and push through creative walls to reach places you never would’ve imagined when you started.

My style, albeit whimsical, is based on patterns. In a sense it is controlled. I combine established Tangles with faeries and critters to create Zentangle Inspired Art. I think of it as ‘plug and play’ art.

To push through my creative walls, I want to loosen up and create somethings from nothings.

I was first introduced to scribble drawings through Carla Sonheim’s book Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals. (Check Sonia out!) I had a blast filling pages of a sketchbook randomly scribbling then finding critters in the marks.


The Design 100 Somethings Project adds discipline to this. I have to pick one subject and design 100 versions of it. This is where pushing through my imagination barriers really kicks in. Seriously, how many ways can a person draw a rat? I am committed to finding 100 ways.

Stay tuned!

~ Eliza

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