Being Authentic is a Journey


I am having fun working my way through older art sketchbooks and using them as journal prompts. Today’s prompt is ‘authentic’. What do I have to say about this?

I think being authentic isn’t a destination, it is a journey. An ongoing discovery of who I am. So who am I? This is what I have ascertained so far:

  • I have all the patience in the world for people, but I don’t do deliberately uninformed well. That irritates the living shit out of me; I am working on that.
  • Hierarchy and class mean nothing to me. All humans are equal in my mind. I would be fired from a military setting within 24 hours for not calling someone by their rank. Let’s hope I never meet the Queen, because I would say “Pleased to meet you, Elizabeth.” A court judge is no more or less special than the people who keep my office building clean.
  • I require freedom within structure. In other words, I like to have a general idea of how my days will play out, but rail against being time boxed.
  • I do not shock easily, if at all. I know what humans are capable of at both extremes of the ‘decency’ spectrum. Right or wrong, however, I certainly judge people based on my own moral code, which boils down to treating people with kindness and compassion.
  • I rarely find jokes funny since most are based on belittling people in some way. I am of the opinion that if you tell this type of joke, you believe in the sentiment behind it.
  • I no longer feel obligation. If something does not resonate with me, I will not do it. I have less than half my life to live, I ain’t wasting a second on something that does not enhance my energy. I also believe this is best for everyone. Acting out of obligation sucks energy from all involved.
  • I am not rocket science smart. Mainly because this involves math and spatial ability. I count on my fingers and I always select the wrong size of container for leftovers. I am not a BIG thinker, and I have learned to never get into a philosophical discussion with my son; he will dance circles around me. I am day to day smart, and can cut through all the ‘noise’ we humans insist on surrounding ourselves with to get right to the heart of the matter … heavy emphasis on heart … aka love.
  • I am abundantly creative, but expressed simply. I will never write the next great novel nor paint a canvas that takes the breath away. I capture life vignettes in plain language and minimalist illustrations. That is my creative prowess.
  • My greatest joy is witnessing and celebrating the accomplishments of others. If I can help people achieve their greatness in whatever form that takes, I have lived my life well.

Huh! That actually took quite awhile to put into words. There is certainly more, but I will leave it at that for now. I am going to start capturing ‘who am I?’ thoughts in my Book of Thoughts, so I will likely post more on this. I am going to assume that what I did capture above are the aspects of myself that are most clear to me. The rest will take some digging.

All of that from an art journal illustration!

~ Eliza

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