My Ravens Have Arrived

I am so stoked! My ravens arrived today. The second I saw them in the photography gallery of my friend, Deb Faraday, I knew I had to have them.


But let’s back up.

My fascination with ravens began in childhood. Their size intrigued me, like crows on steroids. But even then, I saw the intelligence in their eyes and an all knowing piercing look.

“I see you.”

They saw me, which simultaneously scared the shit out of me and exhilarated me.

When my sister died, over 30 years ago, my dad was the only one who could attend her funeral. As he was driving away down a long empty stretch of highway, a raven flew in the front of the car at windshield height. It lasted long enough my dad knew it was my sister saying good-bye. Her raven was my first introduction to the concept of spirit animals; my sister was Ojibwe.

Until recently, however, I have focused solely on their intellect, such as their ability to invent tools, and their facial recognition. Do one of them wrong, and it will torment you to the end of time, and bring along all its buddies for reinforcement.

Then two years ago, I was called to illustrate Raven.


It’s hard to tell by this image, but this took hours. Layers and layers of black, brown and indigo coloured pencils. The process was like a meditation and I believe the shift to a deeper relationship started then.

It really slammed into place, however, when I saw Deb’s photographs.

My need to have these images was not one of artistic appreciation, although they are technically stunning photographs. This was a deep rooted yearning. Honestly, I cannot even find the right words. All I knew was Raven presented itself to Deb so that it could make its way to me.

Why now?

I believe because of this:

The raven is a messenger, so its business is in both keeping and communicating deep mysteries. – What’s Your Sign

I read that today, and I knew …


~ Eliza

P.S. I am deeply honoured to call Deb Faraday friend. Her stunning photography has been featured by regional tourism boards and by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Please visit her gallery at: NATURAL REFLECTIONS



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