Miracle of Pausing Before Paying

Number 4 of my Personal Twelve Commandments is

Pause Before Paying.

What I mean by ‘pause before paying’ is no more impulse shopping. Not that I am a big shopper to begin with, but I do have my guilty pleasures such as art supplies, art courses, and books. I LOVE BOOKS!

To abide by my newly implemented commandment, I have been adding things I would like to have to a Want List.  Each pay period, I ask myself if it is time to purchase something from my list.

Interestingly, so far the answer has been “no, I’ll wait.” This is when the miracles started happening.

For the art books on my Want List, I was able to provide them all to my mother-in-law for Christmas gifts, so those are taken care of.

Then a friend of mine asked me if I would like all her Anne Rice books. I have never read Anne Rice, but have always meant to. “Yes please!” was my response.


Then another friend said he had a DVD of hundreds of fiction books, including all of John Grisham’s books which are on my list, and would I like a copy for my eReader? “Yes please!”

Bonus factor, these gifts from my friends take care of Personal Commandment #8 Read Fiction. 

Then I was telling a co-worker about a book on Buddhism I am currently reading. I mentioned that I was really enjoying it and would like to read more books on the topic. He excused himself from the conversation and moments later came back with a book on Buddhism that he happened to have in his office!


Bonus factor, this also helps with Personal Commandment #12 Follow My Curiosity. 

All this to say, by pausing before paying I have left space for the Universe to provide me with my wants and desires. Yes, I do have to wait, but the gratification from these little gift miracles is way more exciting and long lasting than from impulse purchases.

Bonus factor, I haven’t spent a penny!

So actually, the Commandment isn’t Pause Before Paying, it is Pause and Don’t Pay!


~ Eliza





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