Manifesto for 2018

I hauled out an older art journal to see if it still had any pages left in it. I found this on the very first page:


It is the manifesto I wrote for 2016.

“To mindfully practice abundance through the exploration of life as art. To authentically share these experiences through mixed media use of photographs, drawings, paintings, and words. All of which done in full partnership with my Creative Being energy. Thereby using my knowledge, intuition, and empathy to guide and mentor women on partnering with their own Creative Being. So that they too can experience the joy of an art-full life.”

That was almost two years ago, and in that time I have zigzagged across this path many times. Yet, here I am entering my third year since writing this and I find myself called to write this blog, that does what? Explore life through photographs, drawings, paintings and words!!!

Guess the core of my manifesto truly reflects who I am, what I do, and how I want to share that.

I am going to tweak and simplify the manifesto a wee bit for 2018:

To mindfully explore life, authentically sharing my experiences through mixed media use of photographs, drawings, paintings, and words. To learn and grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually through my exploration, inviting and inspiring others to share this journey with me.

2018 here we come! SQUEEEEE!

~ Eliza

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