Owl in the Cannabis Patch

There used to a grow op in my backyard. I kid you not!

When we first moved into our country paradise, my daughter and I explored the back forty, or in my case, the back fifteen. In the middle of the woods was a clearing. My thought was “Oh cool, a nice little grove!” My daughter’s thought was “Oh shit!” as she started looking for trip wires and other booby traps. My daughter is clearly more street smart than I am.

After speaking with the previous owner, turns out he bought the house from the bank, because the original owner was in jail … for growing and dealing pot. At least this was several years ago and two owners ago, so booby traps are not a concern.

Barred Owl

Photo courtesy of Peter K Burian (Creative Commons Attribution)

Also in my woods is a beautiful barred owl. It sleepily allowed me to share space with it one day. It was quite an honour and I sat on a rock for quite some time enjoying a beautiful fall day with it.

When I painted Ralph, and he evolved as a hippie, my mind put the grow op and the barred owl together.

“What if an owl did all its hunting in a cannabis field?”

(Yes, this is how my mind works.)

Given owls are associated with wisdom, I figured a permanently stoned owl would be very enlightened indeed. Well, Ralph believes he is at any rate.

~ Eliza

P.S. Ralph is part of my Twisted Tails Series of prints and products: RALPH


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