Relationships Over Accomplishments


Quote from The 5 Languages of Love by Gary Chapman

In my introductory post to my Love-e-logue, I mentioned the  intuitive reading with Alisabeth Shelman from The Cosmic Womb. Before we started, Alise asked me what my intention was or what I hoped to gain from the reading. I told her I wanted to unblock my heart chakra.

Every time I did any chakra meditations I would always experience ice cold when I got to my heart. Literally, I could place my hand over my heart and feel ice. I had no idea why, because I don’t consider myself to be a heartless person by any stretch of the imagination. Yet I even had several energy workers tell me my heart chakra was blocked!

“Excellent intention!” exclaimed Alise, and we dove right into the reading.

Within short order, she told me I struggled greatly with being human. That I would much rather dwell in pure energy than function as flesh and blood. Whether you believe in the esoteric or not, at the very least this was a powerful metaphor for me. All my life I have focused on imagination and creation, as opposed to interaction and engagement. In short, accomplishments over relationships.

At the end of my life, do I want my tombstone to read “she accomplished a lot” or “she cared deeply”?

Then it occurred to me — and yes, I am slow on the uptake — relationships ARE the ultimate act of creation.


By golly, I do believe I feel that ice melting.

~ Eliza


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