Meet the Flock

Recently, I accomplished a first. I sat down and deliberately created an art series. I have multiples of similar paintings, like my Road Tripping Series, but those have evolved over months with many other art projects in between. For my Treetop Love Series I was determined to sit down and do ’em.

This was a fantastic exercise. First, I realized that I can indeed overcome my Art Attention Deficit and work on a single series. Second, it was such a delight to see 12 distinct personalities come to life. It was magical and would not have been so obvious if I had spaced the paintings out. Lastly, from a pure process perspective it was much faster to work in a series moving from one painting to the next with the same supplies and techniques.

I am inspired to try another series like this!

Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the flock.

Which one is your favourite?

~ Eliza

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