Never Apologize for Being You

George_Blog_FullThis is George. George is a rat and he is always apologizing for that fact. Poor poor George.

Interestingly, out of over a dozen Twisted Tails critters I have illustrated to date, George has received the most attention from my Facebook peeps. Interesting, yet not surprising. There’s a little bit, or a lot of, George in all of us. To one degree or another, we find ourselves apologizing for simply being us.

Over the years, I have been told I am:

  • too smart
  • too tomboyish
  • too shy
  • too standoffish
  • too skinny
  • too fat
  • too lazy
  • too involved in my passions
  • too careless with money
  • too frugal with money
  • too … too … too

And each time, I would apologize. If not directly to the person accusing me of being ‘too’, then in my head.

George IS a rat. I happen to love rats. What is not to like about this little face?


But I get that some people just don’t like them. But George shouldn’t apologize for that. He is who he is, and no amount of apologizing is going to make him appear any different to the people doing the criticizing.

There are people who won’t and don’t like me. Shocking, I know! But I am totally okay with that at this stage of my life, and I sure don’t apologize for who I am.

George is George, and Eliza is Eliza. Take us or leave us.

~ Eliza

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