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I have struggled all my life to truly connect with my fellow human beings. I could delve into my past and examine in minute detail my relationship with my parents, but at age 54 this seems like a colossal waste of time and energy. Instead of looking for reasons, I am now all about deciding to change and acting upon that decision.

I recently had an intuitive reading with the lovely Alisabeth Shelman from The Cosmic Womb. I am sure I will talk about this reading in more posts, but suffice it to say Alisabeth nailed my connection struggle. As in, totally blew my mind! EXPLOSIVE insight at the soul level.

Shortly thereafter, another situation caused me to reach out to my dear friend, Cat, for advice. She listened with all her heart, and then kept her advice super simple: “Read The 5 Languages of Love.” I immediately downloaded the book and devoured it.

That, in a nutshell, is the backstory.


At the same time all this was taking place, I received this cutest little watercolour book from my Sketchbox subscription.

Sketchbook Cover

I opened it up to see it was called a Trav-e-logue. *lightbulb* What if I called this my Love-e-logue?


When I read, I highlight quotes that jump out at me. I started capturing the quotes from The 5 Languages of Love. (I have since moved onto The Happiness Project).


My Love-e-logue has, in itself, turned into a labour of love, with multiple steps per quote.


Fancy lettering







Next Steps

As each page is completed, I will explore the quote I captured as to how it applies to my own life, and my observations on life in general.

I invite you to take this journey of love with me, and I look forward to some awesome discussions.



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