Treetop Love: Bernadette

FlamboyantBernadetteMeet Flamboyant Bernadette.

She is gloriously outrageous in her style. Born with average plumage, Bernie simply embellishes. Feathers of all sizes and colours get tucked among her own. Red from the cardinals, blue from the jays, yellow from the finches. Tiny from the wrens, huge from the wild turkeys. She wears it all.

Sure it’s cast off feathers, but that is part of the thrill. Each morning Bernie goes on a feather treasure hunt, then rocks her new outfit for the rest of the day.

Some of the other birds tsk tsk about her complete lack of fashion sense. “What is that Bernie going to wear today?” Not Bernadette’s flock though. Their attitude is “Can’t wait to see what Bernie wears today!”

Bernie doesn’t actually care one way or the other. She dresses this way for herself, because it makes her feel amazing.

High couture? No.

This bird has PIZZAZZ!

~ Eliza

Treetop Love: Meet Marcus

GregariousMarcusMeet Gregarious Marcus.

He is a tsunami of energy. The life of the party. The cool bird who eats all the fermented cherries and swings from the hydro line.

Yes, his friends often wave at him from ‘the other side of the line’, but not based on anything mean he has said or done. Marcus simply doesn’t have a filter. He thinks it, he chirps it. He has an idea, he acts upon it.

A simple “Marcus, Marcus” headshake from a member of the flock reins him in.

To other birds and critters, he can come across as shallow; his flock knows he is anything but. Marcus is fiercely loyal. Don’t be messing with his peeps! He is also the first to offer a comforting hug with tears in his eyes.

He can be a wild one, our Marcus, but we all need a little wild in our lives.

~ Eliza

Treetop Love: Meet Max

BashfulMaxMeet Bashful Max.

Max sat on branches away from the flock. The other birds would cajole him:

“Come closer. Don’t be shy! Don’t you like us?”

They thought he was sad, or perhaps unfriendly.

This badgering made Max withdraw further.

Once they started leaving him alone, something wondrous happened. Max contributed to the conversations. Not much, just a chirp or two.

Then Max started perching closer. Still out of the direct huddle of his friends, but close enough to be part of the happenings.

What they realized was Max isn’t a sad or unfriendly bird. Even standing apart from them, he is very much engaged.

He simply likes to start at the edge of the energy allowing it to slowly mingle with his own. Then he’s good.

Max will never be front and centre, but he is definitely happy to be part of the flock.

Never confuse bashful with aloof.

~ Eliza